Girls with nuts
CTC - day 2, 3 and 4

CTC Day 2 was reserved for the Team Cup. With 24 teams of 3 players each, it was definitely most anticipated, most exciting and most popular tournament of this event. Besides Girls with nuts (Matea, Zeljka and I), three other ladies played at this event, but in mixed teams (Mare, Snjezana and Aleksandra).

The first day of the tournament was not lacking in noise and a variety of spectacles, and of course the inevitable ‘daj riburiburibu’ anthem that was heard every few minutes from different tables. To clarify - the guys from Pokerica have found the best cup so far, never seen in this region and beyond (except possibly for some interesting fishing competition at the surrounding gravels), so bedsides eternal fame and a pleasant amount of cash, the fantastic fish was a heck of a motivation to the teams.

The girls played very well, and I must admit that I am very pleased Hana’s and my choice of players for this event. Matea (Chips) has, unfortunately, busted the first of the three of us, with pocket 6’s (which apparently followed our team that day). With blinds at 100/200, and a stack of 2600 (the start was 5000), UTG limped, UTG +1 raised to 550, and Matea at MP1 shoved all in. She received a call from UTG +1. He had A8s and her 6’s won. Two levels later, at the blinds 200/400 she shoved all in from UTG +1 - again with pocket 6’s and this time did not survive - UTG +2 called her with AKo… Matea earned 4 points for the team - well done :)

Zeljka (Keka) earned a great 6 points for GWN (see, six again!), and as her key hand of the evening she mentioned, of course, 66 vs. AQs - this time sixes were damn dangerous for her opponent Great Just - he did not survive at the 88KKx board…

At quite an interesting table (Versic / Puskadija / Kapusta / Mitrovic / Longin / Vukovic / Ovcina / Pavicic / Cookie), I stacked up rather quickly, so I played quite well and stress free the rest of the tournament (which can not be said for Puska, after I had him caught with his fingers in a cookie jar on couple of occasions :). Hand by hand, I ended up HU with Longin, which eventually finished with my victory (AQ vs A8) and ensured us another 12 points, woohooo!

We finished the first day of team cup with a total of 22 points, ranked among the top ten teams. Although it seemed excellent at first point, it was not that simple… To ensure performance at the final table, it was necessary to gather at least 22 more points the other day, when we played 6max. Matea lost a good piece of her stack at the very beginning (classic coin flip situation), and busted shortly afterwards, which meant that Keka and I should’ve won at least two second places. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed, and so our race for the silver fish finished around midnight that day. The winners of Team event are the TNT - The Nuts Team - Djursan, Dr Roy and Rimac - congratulations guys, take good care of the fishie! :)

On Saturday, when Eur 200 +20 freezeout was played, we took an evening off, and joined the girls at the Ladies only event on Sunday (powered by Aurora poker - tnx guys!). After bullying the first table I busted out at the second, trips vs. flush… The girl that knocked me out won the tounament - congrats Zeljka! (yes, the third Zeljka mentioned in this story… Just the other day I realized that amongst a very few girls that are playing live around here, three of us have the same name… That has to be a sign ;).

There were three tables of girls playing, which is an obvious sign that we really haven’t played together for a long time and it’s about time to organize something - well girls, I hereby solemnly promise that from January we’ll hang out again at least once a week! :) Details to be announced soon…

More info on CTC can be found at, together with the full list and names of the teams & players and the complete photo gallery.

Hana will be back soon from her little journey - she played in Vienna and is currently in Prague for the EPT - she promised a detailed report from the European tables as soon as she returns :) Fingers crossed Hany! :)




CTC - day1

Last night Cezar Team Challenge started with 100+10Eur Warm up freezeout event. Amongst 66 players, many of them were regulars from Casino Cezar, but this event also attracted some interesting names - local legends - to drag themselves downtown instead of grinding online. Almost every member of Team Pokerica came to warm up their braincells for today’s Team event.

Being fashionably late and therefor nervous (for being late), I sat down at the table with quite good players, some of the most respected members of Croatian poker community. Dalibor Ivankic - Baja, Hrvoje Mitrovic - Mitrica (Team Pokerica), Boris Kuzimanovic (Bora Tajter) - just to mention few. I must admit, I played the worst play in long time, which (of course) led to my busting just before the break… After the break 55 players remained in the game, but unfortunately some of our Team members didn’t make it. Martin Sibl busted just a few hands before me, and Borko Brunovic - DisD was short stacked so in a few minutes he also joined us outside…

Denis ‘Djenana’ Kelemen from Aurora Poker showed why he was twice selected to be a captain to PCA Team Croatia - with literally ‘a chip and a chair he managed not just to survive but to win this event!!! Way to go Captain! :) At some point, after a series of missed flops and lost pots, his stack was barely enough for a single BB! He turned his 1500 chips into an impressive pile of almost 60K, which finally led him to HU with Mario. Denis had a huge chip advantage over Mario, and when Mario found AT, he showed all in and got called by Denis who had pocket 5’s - this coin flip was the last hand of the tournament, and Denis ran home to try and get some sleep before today’s Team Event.

Live updates from CTC are available at - our guys, Filip Sibl and Hrvoje Domac, are doing a great job covering this one, so be sure to log in and follow what’s going on, in case you won’t be playing with us live tonight! :)